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This soon to be released solo project is a another path of the amazing journey that has been my musical life. Having the chance to work with so many talented musicians and to be mentored by such incredible people has given me the opportunity to create another remarkable compilation. It is a mirror of the twists and turns my life has taken and how much I have grown in the process. I hope you are just as surprised and shocked as I am by this truly unexpected evolution of my musical journey.

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A labor of love, Unfolding came to be because of the unwavering support of my parents. Their love of music and dedication to my dream was the foundation of this project. It would have never been possible without them. Yet there are so many intricate and delicate parts to this, much life the petals to a rose. Each one from Tony Oakley,  Alan Lee, Tamula Browning-Helmith, Ray Kennedy, Victor Wallace, Rachel Smith, Dion Randolph was a magnificent piece of each song and note.

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